White Meditation Robe Taego Chogye Zen Silk Vintage Hanbok Sample

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Hanbok style white meditation robe - deep sleeves 

Material: Silk 

Total Length:137cm   

Width / Opening(sleeves): 62cm 

From Nape to Sleeve Edge: 84cm


From Middle of Back to Hem: 35cm


Instructions - How to tie a Korean robe 옷고름:
Begin with the two ribbons, or goreum 고름, untied and hanging down. Cross the right ribbon over the left and then loop the left ribbon under the right, making a simple knot. Tighten the knot slightly, so that you have a bit of slack.
Wrap the part of the ribbon that now hangs to the left of the knot around your left hand, holding your hand in front of your chest with your fingers pointed toward your right shoulder. This creates a loop around your hand.
Grasp the other part of the ribbon by its center — not its end — so that it folds. Pull the folded edge of the ribbon through the loop. Remove your hand and tighten the loop by pulling on the folded edge. The final result resembles a half-tied bow tie, with the folded ribbon protruding from one side of the loop and two strands or ribbon flowing freely from the other side.
The knot should not be too tight, and the loop should be parallel to the ceiling.

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