Rinzai Zen Buddha Robe Ring Button Attachment Supply for Rakusu / Kesa

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Ring Kit for Nyoho-e (the Way of Sewing): Rinzai Zen school
Material: Tsuge(Japanese Boxtree / Boxwood)

● Okesa Ring(LARGE)
Outer Diameter - 9.3cm width
Innder Dia  - about 5cm width
Thickness - about 4mm

● Rakusu Ring
approx. outside diamete - 7 cm;
Inside diameter - 4 cm

Detailed Messages:
- The Rakusu ring is a circular wood ring (kan) attached on the Rakusu strap position(wearer's left breast).

- Rakusu is a simplified(abbreviated version) Kesa which our Zen practitioners wear.

- Kesa or Okesa. Japanese term for robe. There are many other words for robe, including Nōe and Nōgesa.

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