Soto Zen Rakusu Kan Ring 4 Option,Buddha Robe Sewing Kit Supply

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Soto-shu Zen Rakusu Wooden Ring("Kan" in Japanese)

Size: approximately 5.5 cm. outside diameter and 3 cm. inside dia.

Color & Material Options:

  • Light tone colour (Japanese Keyaki zelkova wood)
  • Black(ebony wood / Kokutan)
  • Ivory White(Synthetic / プラスチック)
  • Keyaki zelkova wood with the emblem of Golden Dragon(sculpture)

Messages about this ring accessory:
Rakusu is a simplified(abbreviated version) Kesa the Zen practitioners wear.
This ring is a circular wood ring (kan) attached on the Rakusu strap position(wearer's left breast).