Lacquer Large Mokugyo Japanese Buddhist Temple Block Bell Mokugyo Wooden Fish Percussion Drum New

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Excellently well-carved by hand, new condition

Beautiful traditional lacquer in 3 vibrant colors(gold, red & black)

Dimensions: 30cm or 11.8" high  x 24.5cm or 9.65" . The pillow is 36cm or 14.5" across , and the striker is 42cm or 16"long.

Mokugyo literally "a wooden fish" muyu, the roundish solid block of wood with the inside hollowed out. It has a fish-scale pattern on its body and where it tapers off into the form of a handle, a pair of eyes is carved.

Accessory: including a brocade patterned cushion, and a leather coated mallet.

When it accompanies the sutra-reading, for example, before a teishô, it makes the minds of the audience properly receptive for what is to come.


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