Koromo Summer Lightweight Zen Jikitotsu Robe,Black Soto Rinzai or Other Style Colors Custom Order

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 The traditional authentic hoi robe for Buddhist practice and Zen meditation(priest or lay practitioner), with the "skirt" part(below the waist) beautifully pleated.

Important Measurements(you can send through message "contact seller"):

§ Height (inches or centimeter)
§ Weight (pounds or kilograms)
§ Chest
§ Waist

§ Hip
§ Nape (of neck) to floor
§ Nape to wrist
§ Nape to waist

(Nape of neck is large bone at back of neck)

• Colors & Fabric: Light weight material- Black, Brown or else

Other Specific: Koromo can be made with different version in Soto-shu, Rinzai Zen, or Shingon school...or Lay style robe(pls tell your own school)

Custom-made and skillfully-sewn completely according to each personal size