Korea Zen Bowls & Cloth, Balu Balwoo Gongyang Temple Stay Oryoki Offer

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Condition: New

Material: Melamine 
ColorDark brown
Made in Korea

ContentBowls -5 Piece, lid - 1 piece, and Balwoo / Oryoki wrapping clothes

Size: Approx. lid diameter -19.5 cm (7.7 ") / bowl bottom diameter -9 cm (3.5") / height - 8 cm (3.1 ")                       


Balwoo memorial refers to the diet of monk at the temple. To as the "memorial" to eat rice in Buddhism, this is simply the birth of the Buddha, not the act of eating a meal, the Saints (成 道), I think the process of Nirvana and think a lot of Bodhisattva and Buddha, the efforts of nature and gulls regeneration take care to live and think as a holy ceremony to pledge a vow getdaneun laying the will to achieve enlightenment. [1] by several people that the public offering, rice is also called beopgongyang (法 供養) because it performs training and to eat.

Korean Jogye Balu Balwoo Gongyang bowls sunim

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