Koromo Jikitotsu Garment Tailored with Indigo Denim, Monk Hoi Design

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  • The traditional/authentic robe for Zen practice and meditation, with lower part pleated below the waist.
  • Fabric: Denim
  • Koromo can be made with different length in Soto-shu, Rinzai-shu or Lay practice robe(pls tell your particular section)
  • Custom-made and skillfully-sewn completely according to each personal size

Important Measurements(pls specify when ordering):

Height (inches or cms)
Weight (pounds or kilograms)

Nape (of neck) to floor
Nape to wrist
Nape to waist

(Nape of neck is large bone at back of neck)

Shipment service: free shipping / worldwide order

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