Japanese Keisu Buddhist Copper Bell Set 23 INCH FULL HEIGHT incl Buton Wood Stand Gong Striker

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Buddhist Rin Copper Bell set used in Zen Buddhist temple altar (Butsudan)

Height: approx. 60CM / instrument set

They are popular in at every Zen Buddhist monastery / meditation center / Zendo room...

This would make a lovely addition to your meditation space or Buddhist church altar.

100% Authentic crafted handmade in Japan
Bowl mouth width: about 25CM
High Stand(Keyaki Zelkova wood ): 30CM ×26CM
Gong Striker: 30CM
Striker Support Holder: 30CM × 36CM tall

The keisu are gongs in bowl shape. The rim is thicker on the inside, which allows for a lower sound. The keisu is struck from the outside at the rim. The striker is wooden, half of it is covered with a thin layer of leather, the handle is usually covered with red lacquer. The large gong is struck before the chanting starts. It demarks parts and especially important places in the chanted text. The Ino, who leads the chanting, strikes the keisu.

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