Japanese Buddhist Monk Shakujo Staff,Kongo Zue Chanting Tool, Large 15"

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■ Six rings on the Shakujo(vintage), representing the six states of existence (humans, animals, hell, hungry ghosts, gods, and asuras); also "Six Perfections".
■ This sounding staff can be used to accompany in chanting.

■ Length: 38CM / 15-in

A khakkhara (Sanskrit: "sounding staff"; English: monk staff; (Mandarin: xīzhàng, literally "tin stick" and Japanese: shakujō) is a Buddhist ringed staff used primarily in prayer or as a weapon, that originates from India. The jingling of the staff's rings is used to warn small sentient beings (i.e. insects) to move from the carrier's path and avoid being accidentally trodden on. In ancient times it was used also to scare away dangerous animals. Ringing also is used to alert the faithful that there is a monk within earshot in need of alms. In the Sarvāstivāda vinaya the khakkhara is called the "sounding staff" because of the tinkling sound the rings make.

El Shakujō (Shakujō, también conocido como Bastón de Monje o Bastón Delgado) es un arma creada a partir de la Bola de la Búsqueda de la Verdad utilizada por varios usuarios que consiste en un bastón utilizado para múltiples propósitos ofensivos o defensivos.