Inkin Buddhist Style Monk Hand Carry Bell, Zen Meditation Golden Bowl With Cushion

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Verse for Bell Ringing

三途八難 sanzu hachi nan

息苦停酸 sok-ku jo san

法界衆生 hok-kai shujō

聞聲悟道 mon sho godō

May living beings of the dharma realms,

stifled and mired in bitterness

in the three painful destinies and eight hardships,

hear the sound and awaken to the way.

Great performance:

When the head-monk strikes it in the Zendo, it means the beginning or the end of the meditation hours. When he does so at the head of a procession it means that all the monks joining it are to stand still and then sit, or that they have to rise from the sitting position and walk back to the Zendo.

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