Fragrant Sandalwood Zen Wrist Mala, Inscribed the Heart Sutra Nenju Beads

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These bracelets are carved HanNya ShinGyo (Heart Sutra)

Byakudan (Sandalwood) is high-class timber. India and Thailand government restrict to export. So it's difficult to obtain.

Size: 170-180mm   Round Length(cm)

-Parent Bead 10mm dia, and Boshu Beads 8mm

HanNya ShinGyo is the most popular Buddhism sutra. Almost Buddhists (Shingon, Tendai, Zen Buddhism) are chanting this. This sutra is expressing essence of (northern route *) Buddhism with around 300 letters. It is near philosophy, it is not spell.
The main theme is (Shiki-Soku-Ze-Kuu, Kuu-Soku-Ze-Shiki).

Heart Sutra says:
"You don't have 'yourself'. Actual existences are composed of a series of perceptions for example body, sense, imagination, association and thinking. All factors aren't yours, and also doesn't belong to you. But 'yourself' does not exist without these factors. That's why you aren't here eventually. In addition, these factors are also an illusion, unsubstantial one. By this wisdom, we can get out all sufferings and misfortunes."

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