Cocobolo Wood Mokugyo, Best Material Japan Made Buddhist Zen Fish Drum

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All hand crafted, NEW, carved out of the best imported Cocobolowood(also called "golden sandalwood" by East Asian artisan)

Cocobolo is a tropical hard wood of the tree Dalbergia retusa from Central America. Only the heart wood is used in these instrument crafts. It is very hard, fine textured, and dense.Due to its density and hardness, even a large block of the cut wood will produce a clear musical tone if struck.

Mokugyo literally "a wooden fish" muyu, the roundish solid block of wood with the inside hollowed out. It has a fish-scale pattern on its body and where it tapers off into the form of a handle, a pair of eyes is carved.
Dimension: about 19cm*15.3cm*14cm(7.5"high by 6" wide by 5.5" thick)

Accessory: including a brocade patterned cushion, and a leather coated mallet.

When it accompanies the sutra-reading, for example, before a teishô, it makes the minds of the audience properly receptive for what is to come.


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