Zen Cloud Temple Umpan Copper Slat Gong, New Buddhist Custom Order

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Umpan Zen temple musical instrument, Free international shipping
Material: premium bronze(making excellent sound), including a well-crafted striker
Umpan is "cloud-plate" made of bronze. When this rings, it means that the dining room is open.
Note: Different design(for example, with temple name, etc.) on the board can be custom madeunpan, umpan flat bronze panel-gong

- An umpan is a flat gong, usually bronze, which is rung at mealtime in a Zen monastery. Literally translated as "cloud plate," the umpan is also sounded to "signal other events," such as a call to the conclusion of zazen. Typically one will find an umpan outside the kitchen (J. kuri) or dining hall area. According to Helen J. Baroni, "Wooden boards (han) hanging on various buildings throughout the temple grounds are sounded simultaneously to alert the members of the community beyond the range of the umpan."
- A cast iron "sounding board" or "gong" (han ) hung near the kitchen in Zen monasteries; although it is basically flat, it has the stylized shape of a "cloud" (un ) as those are depicted in East Asian Buddhist paintings.