The Chan Chinese Zen Oryoki Set, Temple Alms Begging Ceremony Bowls

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Ōryōki / Ouryoki / Oryoki / Ooryooki are nested bowls, also called 鉢 hachi, hōbachi or iron bowl (teppatsu; oryoki tenpatsu) or Buddha bowl (buppatsu).
These Steel(stainless) bowls are carried for the meals of monks in training: morning meal, noon meal, evening meal(" The practice of the Eating Bowl ").

1 set:  bowls including Teppatsu (the biggest bowl)
【 サイズ(Size);約 】:  21cm  × 15.5cm tall

The eating bowls now in use in Zen monasteries have been used by Zen monks for over one thousand years. Called "ooryooki", these bowls are part of Buddhist traditions of giving and non-attachment. The word ORYOKI is comprised of 3 symbols:

O, the receiver's response to the offering of food
RYO, a measure, or an amount, to be received
KI, the bowl

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