Portable Inkin,Authentic Zen carrying hand bell, Knob(Not cheap screw)

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ZEN BELL, with Knurled Knob(not screw in the center of the bell, the means by which it is affixed to the handle; Screw is NOT good; ours is traditional design, different than most inkin other sellers sell - theirs are made in China unbranded factory) , made in Taiwan - MEDITATION BELL - INKIN BELL, a BUDDHIST HAND BELLS, meaning "LEADERSHIP BELL"

The Inkin (Leadership Bell) is a handbell shaped like a small bowl, mounted on a handle. A metal striker is attached by a cord.
The Ino uses the Inkin to signal Rahai (bowing) as well as signals for certain sutras.
When the head-monk strikes it in the Zendo, it means the beginning or the end of the meditation hours.
When he does so at the head of a procession it means that all the monks joining it are to stand still and then sit, or that they have to rise from the sitting position and walk back to the Zendo.

- Brass bell, Metal handle(ajustable length for extending or storage)
- Clear sound and vibrant long-lasting
- Bell dia 2 1/4 inches(5.7cm), Full length of Inkin bell including handle: 16.5cm (Unextended) 33cm /12.8" (Extended)
- Beautiful Sound

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