About Us

Welcome to www.Zenike.com, the official shopping site of Zen Niche Stitchery.

Ask or Check, please give us your message to: kyo@zenike.jp

Free Worldwide Shipping is offered for the Buddhist supplies ordered on our site. 
Usually, we deliver by EMS for oversea customer.

Q&A in Order Placement / Problem:

Our shopper can skip "sign-up" process, and simply use PayPal button on the cart / checkout page to place order fast.

Notice: Credit card user without PayPal account can also use this PayPal button(in the next step on PayPal, choose the option

"Pay with Debit or Credit Card")
Ordering Steps:  Add to cart → Cart → PayPal → Credit Card etc payment → Order Success

Custom size orders mean items will be made to particular measurements, for example
Height (inches or cms)
Weight (pounds or kilograms) 
Chest (inches or cms)

Waist (inches or cms)
Hip (inches or cms)
Nape (of neck) to floor 
Nape to wrist 
Nape to waist

For questions, we accept 24/7. However, we can respond within 2 sales days(10:00 – 17:00 on week day). We appreciate your understanding.