Temple Wooden Fish Drum Big New Mokugyo 18" Buddhist Muyu Great Sound & Craftsmanship

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Dimensions: approximately 18 inch high X 15.7 inch wide X 14 inches thick (46CM X 40CM X 36CM)

Made of high quality chang-mu wood(making excellent sound)
Weight: approx 24 pounds(11 kgs)

Accessory: including a round resting cushion(2 options), and a striking stick(Japanese hand sewn leather coated bachi)

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Mokugyo literally "a wooden fish" muyu, the roundish solid block of wood with the inside hollowed out. It has a fish-scale pattern on its body and where it tapers off into the form of a handle, a pair of eyes is carved.

When it accompanies the sutra-reading, for example, before a teishô, it makes the minds of the audience properly receptive for what is to come.

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