Grey Samue Jacket & Pants,Preference Color, Lay Monk Meditation Martial Arts Uniform

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SAMUGI or SAMUE Zen priest / Lay Work Suit Outfit - All custom-made(tailored to individual measurements)

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Note: in tradition is made in Blue color. Other color like Brown, Black... Available

Material: Denim(strong cotton 100%)


- Wrist Option: wrist w/elastic strings or without elastic strings

- Tied up by strings on ankles

- Pockets in the jacket and trousers

- Custom Size / Process with Care & Guarantee

Measurements to be specified:

Height (inches or cm)
Weight (lbs or kilograms)

Nape (of neck) to floor
Nape to wrist
Nape to waist

(Nape of neck is large bone at back of neck)

We Receive International Custom Order / Ship Worldwide!