Buddhist Ceremony Robe White Green Blue Purple etc Customized Garment

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Item / Robe Name: Hia Qing /Hai Qing robe, or called Hia Ching, Hai Quing

A traditional monk's robe, an outer robe(like Japanese Koromo) for congregation/ceremony, meditation, martial arts, or worn beneath formal Kesa(Kasaya) for ceremony, adding to a Buddhist atmosphere
- the full - sleeve robe for Buddhists 
- measurements used in Custom-tailoring:
Height(inches, or cm)
Chest(inches, or cm)
Weight(lbs, or kilograms)


- Custom-made size & also Different Color Preference, for example, White, Green, Purple, Blue...

Washing Instructions:

Machine/hand wash in cool water

Workshop: FJXMSG( F & J eXcellence Monk Stitching Group)

World Shipment: Free shipping to all countries 


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