Soenbok Korea Zen Meditation Robe,Dharma Teacher Garment with 2.5-3 Meter Waist Belt

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Clothing Type: Korean Buddhist style Zen Monk's Wear

• The traditional wear for Korean Buddhist monks like the Kwan Um School of Zen, etc.
• Including a long waist belt - nicely stitched
• Cotton Fabric & Color Grey(Korean Chogye / Jogye Buddhist color)
• Custom-made skillfully / fit well in each person's size(No problem for special westerner's size)

Measurements for robe's tailoring(please inform)
Height (inches or cms)
Weight (pounds or kilograms)

Nape (of neck) to floor
Nape to wrist
Nape to waist

(Nape of neck is large bone at back of neck)

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